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Heating Oil Tank Removal

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Expert Oil Tank Removal Services in Kent, WA, and the Surrounding Areas

Most homes in Kent, WA, have the tanks used for oil furnaces buried underground. Unfortunately, these tanks will eventually be worn down over time, which can result in an oil tank leak. Even if you’ve since upgraded your furnace, the one underground will still be there. Removing these tanks is important—both to avoid potential problems and to comply with the way laws have changed. At Envirotank, we’re prepared to provide professional oil tank removal services for properties in the area. We can remove heating oil tanks of all sizes, so you can be confident we’ll handle your job perfectly.

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Remove an Old Heating Oil Tank

We can help you remove an underground heating oil tank safely and effectively.

We Can Remove Your Tank with Ease

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If you’re upgrading to an electric furnace, gas furnace, or propane furnace—or you just want to make sure that you’re complying with local laws—then we’re ready to provide our expert oil tank removal services. We can completely remove the tank, then fill the hole where the tank was with a sand and gravel mix. In addition, we can replant grass and shrubs, redo sidewalks, and otherwise improve the area where we worked.

Do you have PLIA oil insurance? PLIA is a state-run insurance program that can allow us to provide you with free tank removal service. We can check to determine if you have this insurance; just give us a call if you’re near Kent, WA, to learn more.

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Heating Oil Tank Removal

We can safely and effectively remove a heating oil tank that’s on your property; just reach out to us to request assistance.

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Commercial Underground Storage Tank Removal

Do you have an underground tank that needs to be removed? We can remove gas and oil tanks for your convenience. Reach out now.

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Above Ground Tank

We have the ability to remove any sized above-ground tank from your property. Just reach out to us today to request service.

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Soil Sampling Service

Our reliable experts can provide you with soil sampling service to determine whether or not your underground tank is leaking.