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Seattle, WA

Take the Oil Tank Out of Your Property!

Receive a Full Oil Tank Decommissioning Service in Seattle, WA

Are you sick of dealing with gasoline odors and oil leaks? Do you worry about your family’s health and well-being? If so, we can assist you. Envirotank is an expert in removing old oil tanks, soil sampling for contamination, and ensuring that your home is clean. For years, we have provided oil tank decommissioning services in and around Seattle, WA, and we have refined our method to guarantee that your property is left tidy and secure. In order for you to choose the heating system that is appropriate for your family, we will make sure that your property is clear of contamination from oil tanks. Our oil tank service is designed to keep your home safe from leaks or spills, so you can rest easy knowing that your family is protected from harm. We also offer free tank removal for PLIA oil insurance holders!

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Tank Replacement and Removal for Free

If you have PLIA insurance, you are eligible for free tank removal and replacement services as well as complimentary soil sampling services.

Our Top Concern Is Your Safety

What should you do with your old oil tank, do you wonder? Then we can assist. We specialize in the decommissioning and removal of obsolete oil tanks from residences, commercial buildings, and other areas.

Our offerings consist of the following:
  • Heating Oil Tank Removal
  • Commercial Underground Oil Tank Removal
  • Above Ground Tank Removal
  • Soil Sampling
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Our Services List

What we’re offering

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Heating Oil Tank Removal

We can safely and effectively remove a heating oil tank that’s on your property; just reach out to us to request assistance.

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Commercial Underground Storage Tank Removal

Do you have an underground tank that needs to be removed? We can remove gas and oil tanks for your convenience. Reach out now.

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Above Ground Tank

We have the ability to remove any sized above-ground tank from your property. Just reach out to us today to request service.

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Soil Sampling Service

Our reliable experts can provide you with soil sampling service to determine whether or not your underground tank is leaking.